What better way to celebrate your child's birthday
       than here at FLIPS Gymnastics? It's easy and
       it's fun!!!

       You may schedule a hour and thirty minute party
       to celebrate and share your child's birthday with
       friends and family. The gym
will not be shared.
       You will have a PRIVATE party.

      The kids will be entertained in our 15,000 sq. foot
      gym with free play gymnastics.  Our facility, drinks,
      party room and supervision by staff will be provided
      for you.

     All you need to do is send ou
t invitations, bring the
     cake & decorations...then enjoy your child's special


$25 non-refundable deposit required


Up to 10 children...................$225
Each child above 10 will be an additional $5/child

1 hour and 30 minute Party
(30 min. free  -  play-30 min. party  -  30 min free play)

SATURDAY: AM&PM times available
Call early for availability!!! (254) 776-2150